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$10 PS Gift Card Giveaway! (2 WINNERS) til APR 2th
Hello people! Again, I here to bless you all some PS gift cards to our fellow members [Image: heart.png]

There will be 2 winners chosen for this giveaway and this event will take about 1 week. The result will be noticed here on APR 2th, Thursday.

Top 2 people who posted any threads on this website will be selected, in terms of the number of the posts primarily, and optionally reputation which you don't need to necessarily satisfy. 

If you live in the countries where I can't get PS gift card of your region online, only in this case I will present in different way [Image: exclamation.png]

The gift will be sent via PS messaging system, in order to validate if you are anime gamer and in our PS community. So you will need to tell me your PSN ID [Image: lightbulb.png]

Good luck [Image: smile.png]
AEG | Jotaku
Congratulation, the giveaways winner is Scoobert2000 (since there are none others posted anything, so only the winner).
We sent you a private message for rewards!
AEG | Jotaku


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