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aeg amp shoutcasters video looks clan editors for
AEG clan looks for shoutcasters & video editors.
Since AEG clan successfully runs weekly PvP Match for anime games that gets mostly full rooms every week for many months, we want to deliver videos of those competitive matches with dubbed commentary like ESL or MLG. 

If you are interested in making such eSports videos for anime games, feel free to private message me! 

We will primarily advertise your videos across our entire community, including website, PS community, Twitter, Facebook, and Discord. No wonder you will get lots of subscribers. You can quit anytime as well if it doesn't satisfy you. But with this activity we sure it will greatly increase both the number of anime gamers and anime game sales.

You don't necessarily participate in our weekly PvP Match in order to add your commentary because we can simply give you recorded videos that are took from the point of view of spectator mode. You just need to know little bit about the game that you make the video for.

We will change this "weekly PvP matches" to "Upcoming Tournaments" as soon as we get an applicant.

General concept of shoutcaster

Esports example of 3rd person camera game

Esports example of biggest game

You will probably need sound effect of crowd's cheering voice for each important moments in matches to add into your videos.
Hi, we are still looking for this role, we will create videos like below

If you can dub it with your shoutcasting, please please let me know.

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