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2021 june review anime month of the games contest best
Best Anime Games Review Contest of the Month [June 2021]
Best Anime Games Review Contest of the Month [June 2021]
Welcome to the Best Anime Games Review Contest of the Month!

Best Anime Games Review Contest will be judged on:
  • Explanation
  • Details
  • Impression
  • Points
  • Depth
  • Creativity
In order to submit, you can simply vote your best anime games in this page, and then reply in that page (without quoting original post in your reply. Please start from empty) explaining about why you voted them as your best anime games. You don't have to explain all the games you have voted for. Examples for themes can be like, what's good about the game and why you like, what part you like in the game, comparison with similar games, etc. It's up to you.

Prizes (Max 4 People):
1) 1300 ruby (equivalent to approx. 13 USD), or 10$ Steam/PS Giftcard
2) +4 Reputation (Solo Rankings points)
3) AEG Pro Writer Badge
[Image: aeg_pro_writer.png]
4) Anime Soul Badge
[Image: anime_souls.png]

Submission time ends on June 28th, first 4 replies without duplicate in post owner will be selected, and also I will contact the winners by PM on the website.

Best Anime Games Review Contest of the Month RULES!
Minimum word count is 200.
You can use images/videos as supporting materials, but is not mandatory and is not required.
 You can write more than 1 reply if you like. However, one person can't win for all 4 spots, but only one.
You should not edit/delete your post you submitted in this website after the event is done.
[Image: Kureha-Signature.gif]
Minimum word count is decreased to 200 from 400.
[Image: Kureha-Signature.gif]

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