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gamers? anime answer for complete best
Best Anime for gamers? Complete Answer!
Are you looking for animes for gamers?

Then you have come to right place, since AEG is anime gaming clan strictly playing games which have its anime series.
If you satisfy both the category of being an anime/manga audience and playing games, then we absolutely recommend you some anime series of anime games we play.

Sword Art Online

This anime has huge fanbase, even the game I see has very good multiplayer population here on North America region (Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet is, check this if you are interested). I recommened watching all the anime series of Sword Art Online only except Gun Gale part. All of them except that Gun Gale are very fun and enjoyable to me. Make sure that it differs to each people. But the strange thing is that SAO Game called Fatal Bullet that is based on Gun Gale anime was the most enjoyable to me.

Tokyo Ghoul

Sadly anime of Toyko Ghoul hasn't evaluated to be that great as its manga was evaluated, but still enjoyable. Personally I read all its manga but yes, it will catch your eyes for very long time. Just sad that it seems like there will seemingly be no more anime or manga about Tokyo Ghoul. Game is also very fun, check this if you are also interested in Tokyo Ghoul game.

Black Clover

Black Clover is also quite fun to watch. Comparing this anime to Sword Art Online or Tokyo Ghoul, Black Clober anime has a bit more scenes about everyday life than those two. So sometimes the anime gets a bit boring, but that's only few episodes among many fighting parts so you will like it. This anime also has game because this is quite popular anime with many fans as well.
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