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why here pvp? no alternative is vein and code
Code Vein PvP? No. Here is why and alternative.
I got many queries that "Will Code Vein have PvP?".

Let me tell you the answer, "No". If I ever hear that Code Vein team would implement PvP, we will notify here. 
However, I do not think so because its developers very much looked like having very high tendency going against PvP contents.

There is better PvP anime game though. If you like an anime game with PvP Contents, we strongly recommend playing Tokyo Ghoul:re Call to Exist.
This game, only graphic and singleplayer experience are worse than Code Vein, however, PvP experience in Tokyo Ghoul game is quite fun, I would say even more fun than coop experience in Code Vein, and still keep people in the community playing for many months since the release.

Do not listen to review stuffs scoring very low on Tokyo Ghoul:re Call to Exist like Metacritics marked it very low like 58.
That 58 score should be the score for only the singleplayer contents of this game. For singleplayer side only, yes, I do agree with that it is 58. I don't recommend this game if you look for good singleplayer experiences from this game.

However, This game is actually 70+/100 game in terms of PvP multiplayer side in term of combat mechanic and diversity of many races/weapons/skills or chooseable given anime characters.

I am not joking and I played both games.

You don't have to pursue realistic graphic on anime games primarily because anime itself isn't real.
I would play Doom or Crysis or whatever if I value the graphic stuff the most lol

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