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Easy eSports to Win
As of April 2021, AEG Pro League is the easiest eSports tournament to win in the world.

What is the advantage of participating in easy eSports?
Usually following reasons: making it easier to receive rewards, Easier to populate your livestream, and the likelihood of being sponsored. It is simply more profitable to win an easier league than to drop out of the big leagues and eventually have nothing left.

Normally AEG Pro League provide following rewards per each game:
- Up to maximum $160/80/40 for top 3 players. This may increase as the community grows. Check this page for more details.
- Champion Badges on your AEG Profile. This badges certificate in public that you are one of the legendary players of the game you applied to.
- Up to 40/30/20 Solo Ranking points. Higher of this ranking points will expose your profile, where you can advertise anything, to more people throughout the website.
- Invitation to AEG Pro League All-Stars for top #1 player who run Youtube/Twitch/any livestream. Your livestreams will be massively advertised for 4 months through our email/sns/website/etc marketing.

Following is how AEG Pro League makes their eSports the easiest in the world:
1) the number of players who receive rewards is wide, 
2) we provide various types of rewards,
3) we play around less popular games, 
4) and your reward varies depending on your forum activity — Not only focusing on gaming, but also community activities.

For more details about AEG Pro League, check the top of this page - there is a link to application for each seasons.

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