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How to play Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet for free
Better response on post How to play Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet for freeSword Art Online: Fatal Bullet
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SAO:FB ranks the top position among SAO game series and has the most multiplayer population (as of March 2021). It is also ranked at the top position in Best Anime Games 2021 (as of March 2021). The game is basically like StarWars, provided by laser lightsabers and futuristic gun battles. The game supports singleplayer, co-op, and pvp modes, and is also an eSports game being held as a pro league in this AEG community. It's like a third person FPS game, but it's actually not a full third person FPS game as it offers an automatic aiming mode. This means your performance will actually depend more on how you behave well per each actions you make rather than your capability of how much you are accurate at aiming your fire since it already provides auto-aim mode. Also, game provides RPG aspects: you can level up, farm items, gear yourself up, upgrade and so on. In addition, there are many fan services such as building close relationships with game characters and sleeping together.

There is a way you can play this game for free on PlayStation and XBOX, only if you are thinking of playing this game for mainly PvP like you play Overwatch, Fortnite, etc. Download trial version of the game, and you can access to hero PvP arena with 10 characters available. This game is fairly balanced between characters so there will be almost no problem although you can't access to other characters. Persoanlly I haven't seen any gamers who play very decent in more than 3-5 characters for this game, including those who participate in AEG Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet Pro league. Thus, 10 characters available should be enough for free tier players. I am not sure about PvP population of Xbox for this game, but on PlayStation its PvP population is pretty good. You will be able to play the game for a very long time with its free tier contents like the way you play Fortnite, Overwatch.
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