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to aeg a in with esports your career how start
How to start a career in eSports
Are you interested in making your career in eSports? 

Well, we know how hard it is to find out the ways or chances because it is generally hard to get even invited to eSports teams although your gaming skill is very good. Neither you have enough subscribers on your Youtube / Twitch livestream in order to start your career in eSports as an individual. Neither you can simply email to ESL, INTEL, or else and say them you want to start your career in eSports. Moreover, this topic is not even taught in colleges or schools. Therefore, AEG provides you more realistic ways that help you start a career in eSports.

In order to make your career in eSports with AEG, you will need to know how to use this community first. This is a complete guide how you can use AEG in order to start your career in eSports.

AEG provides many different ways to help starting a career in Esports for:

1. Players, who are usually individual Youtube/Twitch livestreamers and have good gaming skills. Our main focus for players is popularizing their livestream since almost all famous eSports players have their livestreams.

2. Teams. In this case your gaming skills as an individual doesn't always need to be very good. Because all members of a team cannot have equal gaming skills, and also depending on your position in a team, your gaming skills may not even required at all but maybe required to have other skills such as casting, video editing, reviewing, managing rosters and so on. Our main focus for teams is popularizing their communities since almost all eSports teams have either Discord or websites.

3. Influencer. They are basically content creators. It is known that there are lots of Youtube/Twitch streamers who are not particularly about competitive gaming, but is about gaming in general and have millions of subscribers (e.g. PewDiePie). They are mostly about reviewing games, and news about gaming, and so on. Such people doesn't always use Youtube only, but they may also run their own blog websites and so on. They generally play a pivotal role in a community.

How to Start a Career In Esports as Competitive Player

If you are very good at gaming skills, becoming Youtube/Twitch streamer is the fastest and most effective way to make your career in eSports. Our experiences in advertising Youtube/Twitch in last years shows that once you gear up yourself with mic and cam, you will be able to succeed in popularizing subscribers by doing followings:

1. Go deep about the game you play. Write down about meta builds / PvP guides on the forum and share your knowledges with others, and most importantly, embed your sample Youtube/Twitch video about how to utilize them. More people then start to follow you.

Good example of Meta Build is at https://www.animeesports.com/Thread-Inve...Build--919
Good example of character guide (something equivalent to "How to play Genji very well" if it was Overwatch) is at https://www.animeesports.com/Thread-Adva...uide--1329

2. Become the winner of AEG Pro League. If you become the winner of AEG Pro League, your livestream will be advertised for next 4 months on our website, Twitter, Facebook, and also get advertised using our email marketing system and more. Then you may ask us about the difficulty of AEG Pro League? Well, we have some skilled anime gamers here. However, obvious advantage for you is that this will be much easier than winning in bigger league like ESL Pro League. So this is still very good place to start your eSports career with smaller league like us.

3. Add your website (e.g. Youtube Link) in your profile and write good profile description that attracts other people. Also set your avatar.

How to Start a Career In Esports as Team

If you run an eSports team and want to advertise it to make it more popular team, your team will need to participate in the activity of AEG that involves team activity. One of the most efficient way to run your team is to have Discord server and keep your team being organized. But you can definitely use other methods such as website, forum and so on. Followings are the most effective way to popularize your team:

1. Register your team and participate in AEG Pro League for team section. You can register your team at here. Once registered, your team will be able to participate in AEG Pro League. If you get into top 3 teams in AEG Pro League for each games, your team gain scores which will more expose your team to other people.

2. Recruit players using recruitment forum. It's your responsibility to keep your team perform better in Pro League.

3. Write down about meta team composition on the forum and share your team's knowledges with others, and most importantly, embed sample Youtube/Twitch video about how to utilize them and add a link to your team to join. More people then start to join your team. This contents can only be done by teams because it requires team activity.

Good example of meta team composition is at https://www.animeesports.com/Thread-CCG-...arger--936

4. Add team website (e.g. Discord link) on your profile.

How to Start a Career In Esports as Influencer

Since it is proved that individual influencer for gaming can succeed without being competitive players, AEG provides many ways to let them create their contents on the themes about anime, gaming, eSports, or anything as a form of news, reviews, chatter, or anything of their choices. Then you might want to ask us why you want to create their contents on this website than others. Well, one good thing is that you can post anything in your profile (e.g. selling, advertising your own stuffs) in the comment section of your profile. In order to boost more people visiting your profile, What you want to do are as following:

1. Set up your profile such as avatar, descriptions, and website if you have any. This will give you more chance to make others visit your profile.

2. Regularly post about what you want to do in the comment section, like what you do in Facebook or Twitter.

3. Become an active person in the community, then you will gain reputation points as you post more. This reputation point makes your profile exposed to more people so that you get another way to advertise your profile. Check out "Most Reputation" on the top of the website. Make sure that you can post everywhere only except Announcment forum. Depending on the quality of your contents, you will gain more reputation points.

4. Additionally increasing Referral points will also make you exposed to more people. Check out "Most Refrerer" on the top of the website.


Last thing what we want to recommend you before you start is that you will need to inspect yourself if you are interested in making anime games eSports. Otherwise, you will probably lose the motivation so fast.

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