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to exist re pro important league call ghoul close month end of the may for by tokyo
(Important) Pro League for Tokyo Ghoul:re Call to Exist may close by end of the month
Due to that only one person (admin) can't handle 3 different games for Pro League, we may close AEG Pro League service (weekly PvP Match + leaderboard) for Tokyo Ghoul:re Call to Exist (CTE) by the end of this month unless there is a person who can do this.

The reward will be delivered to participants those who registered on this website.

However, if you want to keep playing CTE at your desired time with 2~3 people you know around you, feel free to message me. Marking leaderboard is not required to make it keep running (in this case only leaderboard service won't be provided for CTE but weekly pvp match still goes). But if you even want to mark the leaderboard, you need to be transparent person, record all the matches and review prior to marking, and you will be excluded from the leaderboard as a marker who need to be transparent.

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