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New Isekai Manga List (2020-Current)
This document is about introducing you all the isekai mangas that are released since 2020 up to current.
This document may also include reverse-isekai, that involves character came from isekai world to the earth.

Live Dungeon!

A Japanese male who used to be a top player of a game has sent to the world of the game he plays, which is isekai-like fantasy world. What makes this manga different to other isekai mangas is that any fights happen in dungeon is broadcasted to people via huge screen in town. In the isekai world he got transferred, healer role was very unpopular and disposable job, but he tries to change this tendency using his knowledge he learned from gaming before, teach and encourage other healers to perform very well as real healer.

Regarding That We Decided to Live in the Countryside With The Female Knight Who Came to Us 

This is actually reverse-isekai manga, that a female in isekai came to Japan and live with a male. She was remnants who escaped from the war in the isekai, but somehow she got transferred to isekai world, and met a Japanese male who did quite well to her. So it's basically a love story between those 2 people.

Isekai Uncle 

This is one of my top favourite reverse-isekai manga. It is a story about main character's uncle, who recently came back to Japan from Isekai world. But surprisingly he learned lots of magics and skills from isekai and also able to cast them after coming back to Japan. Therefore, he started Youtube with magic skills he learned, earning lots of money from it (while the audiences think that he uses some graphical tricks in his video lol). He usually show what he did during the era he was in isekai via some magical screen he cast on the wall (it shows what he did like television). He was the strongest guy in the isekai world he was in, while he was called as beast by the people of isekai because he was ugly while all the people in isekai worlds are either beautiful or handsome depending on their genders. There are 2 isekai females who likes him, but possibly miss him since he came back to Japan.

How Not to Summon a Demon Lord 

You probably know that this one was released long time ago, but the fact that its manga is still ongoing in 2020 currently, so I have put here. This has even anime series.

Rescue weakest country in Isekai where baseball match is a war 

A top baseball player at high-school level in Japan has been sent to Isekai where the baseball matches replaced war. He got invited to weakest country in Isekai and try to make the country best country in Isekai with his baseball skills.

I became the strongest with the failure frame "Abnormal State Skill" as I devastated everything

A class of high school students was summoned to another world by the Goddess Vysis. While most transferred students were confirmed to be quite powerful by Goddess Vysis, but one male main character was confirmed to be the weakest among them, so it was only natural that he be disposed of. Vysis' first impression as a generous and loving woman soon gives way to her true, cruel nature, and she rallies his classmates against him, casting him into a cavernous labyrinth of death and despair. Thus, he tries to survive from the isekai world after being disposed, make his own adventure, and set his final goal to kill (revenge) the Goddess Vysis.

The Former Top 1's Sub-Character Training Diary ~A Dedicated Player is Currently Conquering Another World!~
元・世界1位のサブキャラ育成日記~廃プレイヤー、異世界を攻略中!~ (Moto Sekai Ichi'i Subchara Ikusei Nikki ~Hai Player, Isekai wo Kouryakuchuu!~)

A Japanese male guy who used to be top 1 in the PvP leaderboard ranking of the video game he play, along with other top players around his rank, lost all their characters by the mistakes of the video game company. He decided to suicide simply because of that, but then he reincarnated into the video game world that he played! It's basically a story about how he hit top 1 guy in the isekai world, that is converted from the virtual video game world, using the knowledge that he learned by playing the game before his suicides

We will keep updating this document with more new manga info at random time. If you subscribe to this thread, you will get any updates by your email. So please stay tuned Heart
AEG | Jotaku
Hi, I added 2 more manga recommendation. You can check from the bottom of first post.
AEG | Jotaku
New Manga List Updated!

-The Former Top 1's Sub-Character Training Diary ~A Dedicated Player is Currently Conquering Another World!~
AEG | Jotaku


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