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yandere 2021 list new 2020 manga
New Yandere Manga List (2020-2021)
Did you think you could escape from me after reincarnation, niisan?


Would this female beat Gasai Yuno the Legend? We will see. This is yandere isekai manga.
Similar story to "Boku to Kanojo no Tenseiru Isekai" below, that a male continuously gets yandere-ed by a female over parallel universes and eternal time.
She even threatened God to make her born in the same world of yandere-ed male. It's a story about yandere-ed male trying to escape from her by fighting against her.

Boku to Kanojo no Tenseiru Isekai

This is yandere isekai manga. It is about, an Japanese male goes to isekai fantasy world with his strong stats boosted by god, and trying to make harem out of his adventure, but killed by another female following him from Japan to the isekai, and repeatedly kill him if she ever witnessed him trying to make harem. Repeatedly she does it in every different world they respawn.

Tsubasa-chan, you’re… My Killer Match (DISCONTINUED)

I liked this very much. just wonder if this girl would beat Yuno of Mirai Nikki (Future Diary) in record lol
Sadly discontinued, without reasons.

The Black Demon King
黒の魔王 (Kuro no Mao)

A Japanese high school studnet went to isekai (not by isekai-transferring truck but by summoning him by wizards in isekai) and one women in isekai tends to yandere on him, and she is huge strong, kill everybody dare to touch him. You might feel it is not particularly yandere manga from the first time you read this. Because the yandere girl starts to appear a little bit later and doesn't feel like that she appears too much numbers of scenes in the manga. But herself is definitely yandere, thus, we introduce.

If you are looking for any mangas that is not particularly yandere manga, but has possibly yandere-like type of characters (or as crazy as yandere):

His Favorite Idol Moves In Next Door
(Tonari no Idol-san)

Not really particularly violent yandere type, however, female character seems very crazy as much as yandere, just not in a violent and direct way. I would say she has soft-yandere + NTR personality. She is very smart, always lying and deceive others in very smart way. Victims in this manga are not other characters, but there is only one victim, the main male character lol You will always swear her while reading this.

We will keep updating this document with more new manga info at random time. If you subscribe to this thread, you will get any updates by your email. So please stay tuned Heart
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List updated!

Boku to kanojo no tensei isekai is new Yandere Manga if you like the genre.
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Update : "Tsubasa-chan, you’re… My Killer Match" got discontinuted
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Updated! His Favorite Idol Moves In Next Door (not fully 100% Yandere but very likely) is added.
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New yandere manga added:
Did you think you could escape from me after reincarnation, niisan?
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New yandere manga added:
The Black Demon King
黒の魔王 (Kuro no Mao)
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