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Now all 5 stars builds/guides/team comps are automatically hidden
We announce that all 5 stars builds/guides/team comps are now be automatically hidden, although you haven't made it hidden.

* One exception, although your builds/guides/team comps contents are 5 stars, but if the length of your contents is short (approximately less than 200 words or 1500 characters), then it won't be hidden automatically.

They will only show 33% of the entire length of the contents to anyone who haven't unlocked the contents, and all the images will also be hidden unless being unlocked.
If you made them hide by yourself using [hide] tag, then automatic hiding won't work, instead it will follow your manner to be hidden.

For this, we will evaluate each contents thoroughly what to be real 5 stars or not in next few weeks.

Currently you can get 75% out of 150 gems per each unlock, and they are converted to ruby.
Make sure you can always apply to monetisation when ruby reaches to 2000 via PayPal.
Please check this page for the details about monetisation once you are logged in.

Thank you.

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Anime Esports VODS
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guides are hidden now all stars automatically builds comps 5 team
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