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Application for AEG Pro League Summer 2021 started. Apply now at this page!
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2021 aeg pro league girls jet summer of players top kandagawa
[PS4] Top Players of Kandagawa Jet Girls - AEG Pro League Summer 2021
[PS4] Leaderboard of AEG Pro League Summer 2021 Season for Kandagawa Jet Girls

If you register, you can vote 3 of the most skilled players you think above. You can also un-vote then re-vote anytime.

How to Join:
Apply to AEG Pro League Summer 2021 in this page.

March 2021 ~ April 16th 2021

Season Reward:
- (Top 3 Players) "Champion of Kandagawa Jet Girls" Badge
[Image: kjgchampion.png]
- (Top 3 Players) Up to 40/28/16 Solo Ranking points. Higher of this ranking points will expose your profile, where you can advertise anything, to more people throughout the website.
- (Top #1 Player) Invitation to Anime Gaming All-Stars for the player who run Youtube/Twitch/any livestream. This doesn't mean that you need to be top #1 of all players, but top #1 of pro league players who run livestreams. Your livestreams will be massively advertised for 4 months through all of our marketing means (email/sns/website/etc).
- (Top 33% Players, excluding Top #1-3 players) 8 Solo Ranking points.

* If the number of participants is less than 10 according to the application, only top 2 players will be rewarded. Rewards for top #1 will be replaced with rewards for top #2, and so on. However, rewards for Top 33% players will retain as it is.

Marking Criteria:
If there are 4 people,
1st Place - 4 score
2nd Place - 2 score
3rd & 4th Place - 1 score

* If the host gets 1st place, then 2nd place gets 4 score instead, and the rest gets score 2 and 1. It will work similarly when the host gets 2nd place too: 1st place gets 4 score, 3rd gets 2 score, 4th gets 1 score.

If there are less than 4 people (Exclude the case that people got dc/quit during the match. We only look at # of people when the match started),
1st Place - 2 score
2nd Place - 1 score

* Top 3 people will be chosen from the calculation of this marking criteria, and they get 4, 3, or 2 final score in the leaderboard above per each pro league session. Or 3, 2 final score to top 2 players if the number of participants is less than 10.
* All participants get 1 final score for participating.

* Player list is based on those who particiapted AEG Pro League for Kandagawa Jet Girls.
* The score is based on one-time vote by any registered member, and weekly vote by the host of AEG Pro League shortly after each league to prevent biased result. The host is ought to record and review the whole tournament video to choose 3 top players each week.
* You must participate in each week in order to get higher mark here by proving your skills in matches. If you miss, you simply don't get any mark for that week.
* We will add more players as we see new players until the end of current season.
* Fake votes using multiple accounts will result in ban.
* The host of Pro League is excluded from the leaderboard for the fairness as the host who should mark all the people each week.

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