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to make points that between different anime over reasons why you unique difference western games want play and from main
Reasons why you want to play anime games over western games
Well, it's tedious to talk about a difference between anime games and western games is just a character looking like anime vs real, so we will skip mentioning more about this point.

We will more focus on actual gameplay difference. I hope it could be a reason why you want to play anime games for their uniqueness's.

If you think there exists own uniqueness's for each of any games regardless of anime games, and yes, that's right. 
At the same time, we found a tendency that frequently happens in many anime games' combat systems to some extent, especially best anime games. And this makes anime games unique.

You probably know that competitive gaming in Japan usually means 1vs1 fighting game, while it usually means a form of massive battlefield like CSGO or Fortnite in western.

When it comes to online anime games or massively competitive anime games, in many times I feel that anime games look more likely extended version of the 1vs1 fighting games with enough health requiring continuous good fighting performance to win like Samurai's sword fight, while gameplay in western competitive games like CSGO (except special cases like MMORPGs, Mortal Kombat, For Honor and so on. But anyways they are less popular than CSGO among western games) are more likely cowboy that requires momentary concentration and usually each battle moment is done way faster than those anime games.

(If you watch closely, you will find that it's like an extended version of 1vs1 fighting style game customized into massive fight. Lots of anime games somehow involves such fighting style in their games).

One good example is Tokyo Ghoul:re Call to Exist. It has quite good and unique combat system comparing to other anime games, confirmed by @RainVGC, the anime games analyst, providing you different skills depending on the type of Kagune (equipment) you use and also basic melee combat behaves differently depending on that Kagune. The game provides you enough health per each characters and is very like an extended version of 1vs1 fighting game. It does involve guns but things like one-shot won't happen even with a sniper, which usually happen a lot in western games with a sniper. What leads you to win in this game is keeping good fighting performance until your enemy gets down. Since the game provides you enough health, the situation can turn around depending on your fighting performance rather than get killed instantly.

The another example is Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet. For this game, it does involve non-fighting game style such as a sniper and one-shot. However, it also involve a combat system close to 1vs1 fighting game that is optimized to work in massive fight with in-game sword types of the weapons. However, for this game it's very hard to turn around the situation unlike Tokyo Ghoul:re Call to Exist because this game gives more ways of making instant deaths like western games. But the one clear point here is that it somehow involves a combat system that is customized version of 1vs1 fighting game to more fit into massively multiplayer games. Not only that, the game basically provides auto-aim mode. This means your performance will actually depend more on how you behave well per each actions you and your enemy made like fighting game than your capability of how much you are accurate at aiming your fire since it already provides auto-aim mode. 

Senran Kagura: Peach Beach Splash also involves guns but it has melee combats as well, mimicking the 1vs1 fighting style into massive team fight.

So if you like a combat system other than cowboy-like instantly kill-able combat system, anime games are what you want to look for!

Feel free to leave any comments Nice
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