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seemingly girls jet sao of sales bullet and kandagawa fatal increased amount
Sales Amount of Kandagawa Jet Girls and SAO:Fatal Bullet Seemingly Increased!
Hi, today we have very good news.

Luckily our main anime games that AEG Pro League deals with, Kandagawa Jet Girls and Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet, their sales amounts have seemingly increased.

Let'a analyze  Sleepy

Kandagawa Jet Girls

It was about 1000~1500 new players last time I saw, but now it has been increased to 2000 new players! Not too much, but still amazing!
We hope this game gets more new people we can play with.

Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet

This is actually impressive. Now Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet actually outperforms newer game Alicization Lycoris, incredible!
Last time before this stat gets updated today, Alicization actually had about 12000~14000 new players and Fatal Bullet had about 8000~9000 new players. But now Fatal Bullet outperforms it.

We will keep continuing hard-advertising them, so that hopefully we may get some updates in the future!
Also if you haven't bought Kandagawa Jet Girls yet, hopefully you buy it. It's really good anime racing game.

Also please visit https://www.animeesports.com/Thread-Best...Games-2020 to check best anime games 2020!

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