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us request see pro session anime league your no platform? and game for
See no pro league session for your anime game and platform? Request us!
You don't see a section for your anime game and platform? or want to create more sections? Request us!

1. You have at least 2 friends who can play with you for 1 hour 30min
2. Your rank on the website must be at least 2nd Tier. You can reach to this rank by posting just 10 posts on the website about anything.
3. You should be very transparent person: you will be recording whole matches with your mic, post it on AEG Pro League Youtube (we will make you a manager in our Youtube) and score players based on your rule on this website (this rule will be reviewed). If there is any financial profit from Youtube, you will gain the total amount divided by the number of managers, exclude admin, in our Youtube. For example if admin and you and the another manager, total 3 people are posting on AEG Youtube and there is any financial profits, then you and the another manager get 50% each. Admin won't take any financial benefits from it.

1. Copy a form below
The Day(s) I play: 
Weekly or Biweekly:
Time that I start playing the game (In ET or PT time): 
The platform I play:
The game I play:
Any Comment:

2. Click this, paste there a form you copied above, answer, and post!
Document updated on Feb 19th, 2021.
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