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See no section for your anime game and platform? or wanna create more? Request us!

You don't see a section for your anime game and platform? or want to create more sections? Request us!

1. You need to choose any 1 day (or more) out of 7 days in a week, which you can play weekly.

2. You need to choose the time you play in the day(s) you chosen above, which you will need to play at least an hour, up to maximum 2 hours. You don't need to tell us about how long you are going to play, but just starting time of your game section.

3. You have at least 2 friends who can play with you during that time.

4. You need to choose which a platform (PC, PS4, Switch, Xbox, etc) you will play.

5. You will be required to have your ID, which is visible to others in the game, include AEG tag (e.g. AEG_Jotaku). If it takes money to change ID (e.g. PS4), the admin will pay for you.

6. The game you play should be an anime game. The term "anime game" doesn't mean that the game should have its anime or manga series, but we will simply determine that by character design of that game. For example, Code Vein is also defined to be an anime game to us, although it doesn't have its anime/manga series.

7. As soon as you create a multiplayer room in a game you play, you need to post a screenshot of your game room and say "Weekly PvP Match started for --name of your game--! Wait 15min!" in "#weekly-pvp-match" channel in our Discord. (Also If you can't play due to your own problem in real life, you must say that your game section is cancelled in that Discord channel)

8. You must keep it for at least 1 month. After that you can request us to cancel for any reason.

* Note that if there exists already a section for your time and day for same game you request, you won't be able to create a section.
* When you request, please let us know your day and time you chosen in ET time. Check
* You don't necessarily play whole 1~2 hours. If no one joins within 15min, or your multiplayer room cannot be populated to more than 3 people within 15min, you can finish your game section for that day.

The Day(s) I play : 
Time that I start playing the game (In ET time): 
The platform I play:
The game I play:
Discord ID:
Any Comment:

I have attached a screenshot/address of my Steam/PS4/else profile below:

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