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anime 2020 online upcoming games
Upcoming Online Anime Games 2020
SWORD ART ONLINE Alicization Lycoris releases  (Release around 2020, May 22th)

Like usual, SAO gets new game around May 2020. It has been known that the game will have PvP. I personally recommend getting SAO game for your long anime gaming life because it has been confrimed that SAO do have lots of fanbase which will let you play for a longtime for co-op and PvP, plus that SAO is one of those few games that get the update regularly by Bandai Namco (e.g. anime games with low copies sold like Tokyo Ghoul: re Call to Exist didn't get meaningful update yet since the first release). You can watch the longplay at:

Kandangawa Jet Girl (Release in Japan only around 2020, January 16th)

Since Senran Kagura series has been restricted by Sony, it seems like that the producer, Takaki san, has started supervising another anime game series for the anime called Kandangawa Jet Girl. And Some characters from Senran Kagura series will appear in this game. The game will have PvP, however, it is still racing game which you might not feel as PvP game.

You can watch the trailer at:

We will notify you again if this game ever notices NA release in the future, or any other anime games with PvP contents gets announced.

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