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of the upcoming features forum
Upcoming features of the forum
We would like to bring following features to the community:
1. Badge System: People get awarded for several actions they have done in the forum. Currently only "PvP Build Designer" is implemented, but will be more added.

[Image: QZHNr2o.png]

For the details, refer https://www.animeesports.com/showthread.php?tid=950

1. Modify SEO that it should display "Tokyo Ghoul:re Call to Exist | Anime Game Forum & Discord" in such category of the game. DONE
2. Emotes: We would like to bring more emotes than things you see when you create thread, similar to emotes you see in any Discord server.
3. Forum for "Meta Team Composion": This forum will be used to create ideal team composition using meta builds.  DONE
4. Design Moditifcation: We want to make forum look more elegant way, something like bigger & corner-rounded avatar display and so on. and user info in the thread appears left side.
5. Register & login the website via other services such as twitter, discord, facebook and so on.
6. Point system
7. Expand our game matchmaking services to PC, SWITCH, ELSE
8. Better resolution on Avatar DONE
9. ADs on the website
10. Discord auto receives posts from twitters, facebook, forum and so on
11. Forum for anime cosplay DONE
12. Sliding images that advertises weekly PvP match, anime cosplay and figure that represents weeb thing. Don't think it's good idea due to the violation of simplicity
13. By default turn off surscription to thread, that the owner of the thread wrote. 
14. Explicit rules of forum and Discord, and change of registration term
15. move to top/bottom button
16. More otaku contents, make sure to implement birthday verification.
17. place to request Weekly pvp clan match for some anime games
18. Own Leaderboard System - maybe use excel or spreadsheet
19. Capability to show any updated threads in meta builds/comps section.
20. Make Matchmaking chat on the website DONE
21. Video resizing for embed videos in the posts DONE
22. Add this statement "Never worry that anime game multiplayer you buy would likely die" to encourage people to buy anime games.
23. Quick multiple attachment
24. Post Thread on index
25. imagery forum on anime general
26. user browsing count like mybb community
27. video ads service on index
28. think about changing to nodebb or anything forum software that provides "keep some area of a page while changing pages" but think deeply on a point that if we can keep that for at least next 10 years.
29. fix SEO plugins that will display all open graph metas and regular metas correctly, only once per each in a page.

Not worth to change whole service point for only keeping video minimized, and also according to mlg it needs to be rather stationary to let people focus, plus I don't know if nodebb can keep video at the corner becuz that's outside of header (otherwise there is problem for reading articles on the forum becuz we have to scroll down every time). And lastly I lost all the possibility to port mybb forum to my own app. For such professional thing, it is better to create my own app that does it. With all negative points above, it is bad idea to change whole thing for only keeping video minimized that is even unknown to be possible or not possible on nodebb. 
29. elaborate user profile by adding followers, liked, buddy list and so on.
30. auto translate depending on user's browser language
31. bug : when writing using firefox web browser, it looks like it automatically makes an additional like for all each line.

When things are all done, we will post about the updates to notify that they are done!

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