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update plan and website badge
Website Badge update and plan
Hello, always thanks for your interests in AEG.

Following badges are implemented (actually there are more):

They will be given automatically by the website system to users when each users satisfying specific conditions for obtaining badges after X days from the time a user posted own builds/guides/team comps. (X days will be determined later, but it will be very likely between 10~20 days. This time is needed to rate user's post by as many as users possible).

In order to check the full list of badges and their conditions to obtain, please visit help documents.

Currently we are writing such automated system that grants users badges automatically. This will take time. Unless that system gets done, everything will be done manually.

And we guarantee you that there will be more badges introduced in the future.
Thank you very much.
More badges are added. To check all the badges, refer to this page.
Also now you can change its visible order in this page.
Also you can set your flag at in this page.

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