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eSports Anime? Answer is here!
Hey, if you like competitive gaming and anime, and if you are actual gamer, we are probably best community for you.
We are eSports clan playing anime games competitively, but we are not creating anime releated to eSports. We face actual esports related to anime directly!

Sorry, if you come to this website for searching anime themed eSports, there is none.

However, there are anime related to gaming, such as "No game no life", "Gamers" and more.
If you look for hardcore anime related to game, "Kaiji" series could also be good for you. It's not about video gaming but gambling (actually I highly recommend this).

However, if you want to create your own anime about eSports with your artist team, you can also advertise them in our community.

Anyways, make sure you stay here if you like both gaming and anime.

But anyways, check out our AEG Anime Game Pro League on
AEG | Jotaku


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