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You want us to open an esports league for your anime game? We will help you make successful esports leagues for your anime games at the lowest budget! There are lots of competitive anime gamers who love anime at the same time in AEG community, so we love to host anime game competitions for your anime game. We don't want your anime games die! Fee is required to host but it will be mainly used as a prize pool. We take 25% of the entire fee, and rest 75% will be used to reward the participants. Minimum fee is $100 USD and the pro league will go for 4 months, once biweekly and 60-90 mins per each session depending on the population. If the pro league ends prematurely for your anime game because there are not enough participants in the pro league (continuously less than 50% of max number people join in many sessions of early term), we guarantee a full 100% money back. Thus, nothing to fear! The method of scoring participants in each session will be made by us but you can give us a scoring rule as well.

If your game contains RPG elements, we can still open a pro league for your anime game! Usually eSports competitions are mostly games that do not have RPG elements like Overwatch. However, AEG promises that eSports competitions with RPG elements can be carried out neatly by providing information such as meta builds, pro guides, and best team comps to users on the website. However, keep in mind that if the elements of farming or levelling make up a large percentage of your game, it will take some time for the AEG Pro League for your game to finish the league successfully. It may look awkward until every participants have levelled up and obtained good equipment properly. But this is really not a big matter since at the end they will have. It just needs some time. Moreover, we already have a track record of successfully running games with RPG elements in the Pro League.
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