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If you selected "Opening AEG Pro League for Anime Game"

We love to host anime game competitions for your anime game. Fee is required to host but it will be mainly used as a prize pool. We take 25% of the entire fee, and rest 75% will be used to reward the participants. Minimum fee is $100 USD and the pro league will go for 4 months, once biweekly and 60-90 mins per each session depending on the population. If the pro league ends prematurely for your anime game because there are not enough participants in the pro league (continuously less than 50% of max number people join in many sessions of early term), we guarantee a full 100% money back. The method of scoring participants in each session and how it will be conducted will be made by us but you can ask us to follow your rules as well.

If you selected "Advertising on This Website With a AD Banner on All Pages"

We will display your AD banner in almost all pages at your desired postion. Price may vary depending on position. The position at top (right below the login info) is currently $100 per a month. Single side banner (visible while scrolling) is $75. Side-menu-top is $50, side-menu-middle is $30, side-menu-bottom is $10. Please let us know the position where you want us to include your banneer. 100% refund guaranteed within 3 days after you purchase date. We will provide how much clicks are made on our website each month.

If you selected "Advertising Your Anime-related Brand in Many Articles We Publishes"

We will include your anime-related brand in 150~200 words in corresponding article we publish. We guarantee 3 years once published. Each mentioning of your brand in an article will be $5. Please let us know how many articles you want us to include your brand. We can only refund remaining number of postings. We will send you a list of article URLs regularly until it finishes.
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