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16 Nov 00:11
The player LoisRosser has just registered. Welcome!
15 Nov 11:52
Hi all welcome, thanks for visit
15 Nov 09:54
New post - RE: Hi I’m sena nice to meet you all.
(11-15-2021, 09:54 AM)AEG Jotaku Wrote:  Hello, thanks for the introduction.
I guess you came from Sword Art Online PS4 group, and welcome to AEG. I am Jotaku guy playing bunch of different anime games, as you know.

Hope you can sometimes visit Success
15 Nov 09:48
New post - RE: Hello~.
(11-15-2021, 09:48 AM)AEG Jotaku Wrote:  Hello, nice to meet you @Surreality
I am Jotaku started the Kurtzpel game few months ago, but not really much touched the game for a long time due to leveling and farming items. But recently I started it again since leveling looks like gone from the latest revamp and enjoy the game.

Anyways welcome to AEG, hope you can visit sometimes Fingerguns
15 Nov 09:09
The player BenSanders has just registered. Welcome!
15 Nov 05:12
New thread - Hi I’m sena nice to meet you all in forum Introduce Yourself.
(11-15-2021, 05:12 AM)TrinitySena Wrote:  Hi I’m sena
15 Nov 05:10
New thread - Ps4 in forum Introduce Yourself.
(11-15-2021, 05:10 AM)TrinitySena Wrote:  Hi I’m sena nice to meet you all
15 Nov 05:06
New thread - Ps4 in forum Introduce Yourself.
(11-15-2021, 05:06 AM)TrinitySena Wrote:  Hi I’m sena nice to meet everyone
15 Nov 03:54
New post - RE: [Aegis Knight/Dance of Wind] Osprey.
(11-15-2021, 03:54 AM)Surreality Wrote:  The build is honestly a pretty decent build. I will say though, iron will is definitely, well I wouldn't personally recommend it. I usually run Battlecry/Warcry (I always forget the name), Thunderous Charge, and Counter. Though Thunderous Charge could be swapped out for shield throw or shield pull. Otherwise I think the rest is pretty good. Maybe the shield ult 1 (Land Slasher), could be replaced for the ult 2 (Land Crusher), just because Land Crusher gives a guaranteed catch, and Land Slasher is punishable on whiff while Land Crusher generally isn't.
15 Nov 03:11
New thread - Hello~ in forum Introduce Yourself.
(11-15-2021, 03:11 AM)Surreality Wrote:  Hello, I'm Surreality (though I often get referred to as Polaris online, either works tbh). I'm a long-time Kurtzpel player (also a moderator for the game, if that really means anything), and so if you have any questions about the game, I think I'm reasonably equipped to answer them. Otherwise, I do plan on playing Blue Protocol and Tower of Fantasy when they release. Interested to see any new Kurtzpel players.
15 Nov 02:38
The player Surreality has just registered. Welcome!
14 Nov 23:16
New thread - Anime Games for Android Free Download 2021 in forum Anime Game News.
(11-14-2021, 11:16 PM)AEG Jotaku Wrote:  A List of Anime Games for Android Free Download 2021 as of March 2021:
Genshin Impact

The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross


AFK Arena

Summoners War

Honkai Impact 3rd

Fire Emblem Heroes

Epic Seven


Fate/Grand Order

* This list is based on Google Play's Top Grossing list.
14 Nov 23:11
New thread - Best Free Anime Games on PS4 2021 in forum Anime Game News.
(11-14-2021, 11:11 PM)AEG Jotaku Wrote:  We cover best free anime games on PS4 (and possibly PS5 also) here.

A List of Best Free Anime Games on PS4 as of March 2021:
Genshin Impact

Love Live! School Idol Festival ~after school ACTIVITY~ Wai-Wai!Home Meeting!!

Caravan Stories


Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet (free PvP with basic characters in trial version)

* There are not many free anime games on PS4 & PS5, here we listed all free anime games on PS4 & PS5 in the order of new player numbers & number of people in PS Communities for those games.

* This list is based on the number of Twitch viewers and PlayStation Store.
14 Nov 19:28
New thread - [Aegis Knight/Dance of Wind] Osprey in forum Kurtzpel Karma (Builds).
(11-14-2021, 07:26 PM)AEG Jotaku Wrote:  [attachment=832]

This build focuses on hit-and-run style that comes with fast attack, and dodge or defense. You can use it when you want to inflict damage to your opponent while keeping yourself safe.

Iron Will may be replaced with your own choice

All 6 minor Karmas at the bottom of the selection menu such as Decrease Cooldown, Buff Duration Increase, etc may be replaced with your own choices

USAGEYou will utilize lots of bow attacks mainly than Sword/Shield for this build.

Use Raining Arrows only if any of your enemies isn't focusing you, especially a case like other allies are fighting while you are not noticed.

Storming Arrow is a good choice when there is a little distance between you and your enemy. You can use it during the fight which you are already no...
14 Nov 18:38
Yes and thanks in next games
14 Nov 07:39
Thanks and hope to cya in next games
14 Nov 05:47
New thread - Apply to AEG Pro League [Winter 2022 Season] in forum AEG Pro League.
(11-14-2021, 05:47 AM)Admin Wrote:  Apply to AEG Pro League Winter 2022 Season by voting above!

- (Top 3 Players) Champion Badges on your AEG Profile. This badges certificate in public that you are one of the legendary players of the game you applied to. Please check the poster above for their appearances.
- (Top 3 Players) Up to 40/28/16 Solo Ranking points. Higher of this ranking points will expose your profile, where you can advertise anything, to more people throughout the website.
- (Top 33% Players, including Top #1-3 player) "Challenger of the Arena" Badge.
- (Top 33% Players, excluding Top #1-3 player) 8 Solo Ranking points.
- (All Participants who achieved more than 3 final score) "AEG Pro League Participant" Badge.
* This reward may change a little bit in the future

January 2022 ~ April 2022

How ...
14 Nov 03:53
I hope we will see you in the following events in good times and in bad
14 Nov 03:52
Goodnight all
14 Nov 03:52
Hi welcome