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GoldenDragon[JOIN DISCORD]
Welcome to team GoldenDragon the land of a weeb gamers looking for friends to hang out with were not hardcore but we do love games with all our heart so f you do why dont you join us i can assure you you'll have a lot of fun here.
7 score (30.43%)
AEG Jotaku, Divine_211, ferrisrussell723, s.boyce, shaquane.boyce, sylvan.f.boyce, Whatever

Started as a steam group, we've build a small Discord community that focuses on Fatal Bullet PvP on PC, especially Hero PvP. However we also play other games from time to time. If you're interested in Fatal Bullet Hero PvP on PC, join our server. We usually play on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays at 7:00 PM CET.
6 score (26.09%)
AEG Jotaku, Corax, Thijs, trythism7md, voidterlmina, YukiPlays

Our clan is a PS4 Destiny clan! We have 52/100 spots filled for the in-game clan join now. We are all about helping people with destiny. Please join our discord server if you have any questions fill out an application and one of our mods will get back to you pretty quickly. We want people who want to make friends and build bonds and ultimately succeed in all things Destiny! Most of us are adults who enjoy using our free time grinding Destiny. Please don’t join and expect to stick around and not contribute. We want you to be active in the game as well in the discord. We will talk to you one on one and if you seem like a good fit we can definitely give you a shot in the in-game clan!
5 score (21.74%)
Divine_211, ferrisrussell723, s.boyce, sylvan.f.boyce

An active server with loose rules and an emphasis on memes. Censorship is strictly prohibited and chat is always active with members to shitpost with. Voice chat is almost always active, with people looking to play games with others ranging from CSGO, Jackbox.tv, Rocket League, Among us and many more. Again, censorship is strictly against our nature and people here are not afraid to voice their opinion on anything. Highly focused on freedom of speech. Chill Members + Staff, perfect place to chill when you're bored, or looking for a new friend.
4 score (17.39%)
Divine_211, ferrisrussell723, s.boyce, sylvan.f.boyce

First, be 16+, be from Asia, NA or EU, and play on PC. Second, click the Discord button at the top right of this page. Third, enter our Discord server, read the rules in the lobby and type ?agree in the lobby to signify that you've reviewed the terms of the Discord. Within 10 seconds, you will automatically be given the "Member" role and the Discord will be unlocked to you. Be sure to visit #games-you-play to assign yourself specific game roles to gain access to those game categories!
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