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The future updates
Since you see the Twitch syncing system isn't completed yet, we will focus on completing this one first. 
Then, we will add some more few updates that can expand the contents amount of the community.

1. There will be individual News forum that specificially focuses on delivering anime games news and is placed on the top of the website. Only allowed users can write there.

2. Anime Game Rating system. # of posts in a forum for specific anime game (e.g. Code Vein) will determine how much the game is popular, resulting that the game will be ranked in higher position and will be displayed in higher position in "Top Anime Game" panel that wil also be shown on the top of the website.

3. Matchmaking chat will dissapear, but link AEG Discord instead.

4. Not only showing 10 latest thread on the right, but 10 top threads as well.

Expected completion duration are 2~3 months.

We will also advertise on twitter and facebook advertising as soon as livestream system is completed.

Any suggestion is welcomed!

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