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A New fellow WaffleKatz has joined.
Name: Steven
Country: East Coast of the US
Language: English, Spanish, A bit of French
Gender: Male
Hobbies: Playing an instrument, or cooking.
DMs: Ask To Dm kthx
Enjoys: I do enjoy my fair share of going out in the world. Especially finding new and unique things to do. Taking walks are fun even if I don't see anything interesting. Though i'm socially awkward, I really love talking to people when I can ever make a conversation. I'm also a bit of a musician myself. Practicing guitar and piano is a fun thing to do. 

I'm really striding to finding new people on this forum. See y'all on the other side.
Welcome to the community Steven!
Hi Steven nice to meet you and also you have a new friend here and that friend is me so let’s talk and welcome
Tokyo Ghoul for life

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