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[v0.53.0/Duo/Fiora] Fully Skill Damage Fiora Build
This build introduces common way of using Fiora build and explains how to operate them in detail. This build focuses on maximizing Fiora's Touche effect. If you like hit-and-run type of play, this build is definitely worth a try. In addition, this build made me get into Immortal tier. During season 5 and by Feb 24th 2022, the build have been tested in Duo more than 50 matches and resulted in average 20% winrate (being top #1 team at the end) with comp
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My thought on Gundam Evolution (Newly Released on 20 Sep, 2022)
My impressions after about an hour of playing:
Overwatch mecha version

90% similar, nothing unique to Gundam. Kawaii anime characters were also not seen. At least for me I couldn't able to find a reason to play.

Until this game is properly released, it would be great if they could create something unique to Gundam other than Overwatch.
It would be nice if the anime characters could somehow involve in-game themselves, like Super Mecha Champion. Don't get me wrong, I used to play Gu
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[v1.20.0/Squad/Debi & Marlene] Top Winning Debi & Marlene Meta as of May 2024
This is statistically most winning Debi & Marlene build as of May 2024 globally. If you look into the deep inside of her, skill damages of Debi & Marlene actually relies on power instead of skill amplification. This build focuses on that, while providing you visible sustain through the Diamond Shard during the combat.

Build Info
[Image: https://i.imgur.com/2xt4moV.jpeg]

[Image: https://i.imgur.com/6tuvE34.jpeg]

[Image: https://i.imgur.com/RYn9efy.jpeg]