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New Yandere Manga List (2020-2021)
Did you think you could escape from me after reincarnation, niisan?


Would this female beat Gasai Yuno the Legend? We will see. This is yandere isekai manga.
Similar story to "Boku to Kanojo no Tenseiru Isekai" below, that a male continuously gets yandere
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New Isekai Manga List (2020-2021)
This document is about introducing you all the isekai mangas that are released since 2020 up to current.
This document may also include reverse-isekai, that involves character came from isekai world to the earth.

Live Dungeon!

A Japanese male who used to be a top player of a game has sent to the world of the game he plays, which is isekai-like fantasy world. What makes this manga different to other isekai mangas is that any fights happen in dungeon is broadca
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Featured Anime Gamer Winter 2021
AEG is an online community centered around anime and videogames, especially anime games. For this reason we encourage you to try an anime game if you haven't played yet.

If you are interested in playing anime games, please keep reading!

In this article, we will find out if you can like anime games.

PART 1: Combat Style
Well, it's tedious to talk about a difference between anime games and non-anime games is just a character looking, so we will skip mentioning more abo
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New Non-nsfw NTR Manga List (2020-2021)
This document doesn't include NSFW NTR (Netorare) manga.

Non-adult NTR mangas are so rare and very hard to find, so I wanted to introduce you guys any non-nsfw NTR mangas here.
In this document we don't care about the success of revenge, nor we care about whether the victim decides to revenge or not. But we only care that only single NTR moment happened in the manga, that is, the moment of betrayal from the beloved one in opposite sex.

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Top eSports Teams 2021
Are you looking for the best gaming team? Or are you looking for an experienced gaming friend or a casual friend who can easily play together? If not, are you looking for a friend to chat about on topics related to anime or gaming?

To meet your needs, AEG can confidently recommend the teams listed above!

The teams above are very active gaming teams participating in AEG's competitive Pro League clan matches. Obviously, you will be able to meet many good friends among many teams.

[b]If you are
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2021 can be dark ages of this community, but...
The answer is kinds of right.

The reason why it is being said is that simply there is no announced anime games with massive PvP features until the end of Blue Protocol MMORPG on PC, which would be possibly released in NA region 2 years later. But until then, no. Nothing.

Of course, there is always 1vs1 fighting anime games with their tournaments, but in terms of massively online multiplayer anime games which this community focuses on, there is none.

Since most anime games doesn't receiv
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New Betrayal / Revenge Manga List (2020-2021)
[Image: https://media0.giphy.com/media/VVqUUvtKLrxe0/giphy.gif]
In this document, we go through the list of whole betrayal / revenge mangas that are either ongoing or released since 2020 up to current!
If either one of betrayal or revenge does not appear, then such manga will be excluded from the list. We only focus on the mangas that involves both 2 cases together in this document.

The strongest brave who craves revenge, extinguish with the power of darkness
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AEG Anime Gaming All Stars 2021 Winter
AEG Anime Gaming Clan was formed back in 2018 and have been playing anime games competitively in last few years, and today we want to introduce some noticeable players, whom we have discovered so far whose gaming skills are exceptional, but not only that, also along with their strong passions on anime games! They are the winners of AEG Pro League of previous season!

We really hope that you subscribe their livestreams. Your supports on them will greatly improve anime gaming area.
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No anime games with PvP 2021
Lol probably anime game developers ditched this part and started to solely focus on pve only anime games since they realized the success of Genshin Impact (although what I heard is that they don't get much revenue compared to the number of players they have). If this trends go for a long time we really need to change to MMO on PC, or change the theme of community I guess, like from competitive anime gaming to anime or regular anime gaming.

But the problem is if we focus on regular anime gaming,
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Article Contest of the Month [February 2021] - Ends end of March
Article Contest of the Month [February 2021]

Welcome to the Article Contest of the Month!

Article Contest will be judged on:
  • Impression
  • Creativity
  • Points
  • Complexity
  • Details
  • Word Count
All submissions will be reviewed by Jotaku. All the articles will move on to the voting in which a thread/poll will be created for you to judge on, unless the amount of submissions i