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6 Best Anime Based MMORPG of 2022
As of April 2021, best anime MMORPG games are
Kurtzpel (PC),
Genshin Impact (PC, PS4, Mobile),
Phantasy Star Online 2 (PC, PS4, Xbox),
Aura Kingdom (PC),
SoulWorker (PC),
Tower of Fantasy (PC, Mobile),

A List of Best Anime MMORPG Games
Here we cover Best Anime MMORPG games that keep updating, and released within 10 years.
The list is based on [url=https://www.animeesports.com/Thread-Best-Anime-Games-2020-2021-Ranked-Reviewed-By-Gamers--1188]Best An
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Anime Avatar Creator Games Online 2022
Anime Games that allow you to create your own anime characters (avatar) online:
Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet
Phantasy Star Online 2
Code Vein
Soul Worker
Genshin Impact
Tower of Fantasy

Among them, following games are the most popular anime avatar creator games according to best anime games database:
Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet
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Best PvP Gacha Games 2022
Introducing the 3 best pvp gacha games of 2022!

Super Mecha Champions (PC, Mobile)

It is an online PvP game in the battle royale genre, and almost all means of attack are guns. The difference from Fortnite is that the character graphic design is very cute, and instead of building action at important moments, you summon a machine called a mecha to fight. However, the game is well balanced, so it is not always a game to win just by using a mecha. Quite
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13 Best Free Anime Games on PS4 & PS5 of [current-year]
13 Best Free Anime Games on PS4 & PS5 of 2024

Anime has been a driving force in the gaming industry, captivating fans around the world with its unique characters, imaginative storylines, and dynamic action sequences. For avid gamers and anime enthusiasts alike, the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 offer a wealth of free anime games that are sure to provide hours of immersive and engaging entertai
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5 Fast Paced PvP Games [current-year]
5 Fast Paced PvP Games 2024

Gaming, oh how far it has come since the days of pong and Tetris. With the entire industry being estimated in the billions it is no wonder that the mainstream media has latched on to a medium they once called the devil. But alas times have changed as now games only chase after the profits and have all but abandoned the communities that stood with it in the dark days. All
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5 Best Open World PvP Games of 2022
The definition of Open World PvP is that you freely move around one huge world, suddenly being attacked by another player and fighting against it, or you attack your opponent first. If you are unlucky, you may be attacked while hunting a monster and die instantly in one hit. If you are lucky, you may survive and counterattack and win. In particular, depending on the game, when the opponent dies, there are cases where the item is dropped and acquired. But most importantly, after an exciting battl
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One Last Look at SMC in 2021, One of the Best Anime PvP Games
Friday/17 December/2021

[size=small][font=Verdana]Super Mecha Champions is one of the few games that NetEase introduced in the Steam catalog in March 2021. While there are more versions different from Steam, this version of the game gained popularity relatively quickly, given that it has been possible to see an increase in content creators (Streamers, YouTubers, etc.) with this game as a base, and conse
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Best PvP Games of All Time (Listed by Popular PvP Types)
Best PvP Games of All Time 
(Listed by Popular PvP Types)

We introduce you various types of PvP games that are most popular as of all time, categorized by types such as Battle Royales, Team vs Team, Fast-paced Games, Esports Games With Prize Pool, PvP Gacha Games, etc.

Table of Contents
  1. [jump-to-section=Fas
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(ESP) Shadowverse (2022)
Hello XD
Hace poco encontre un juego de cartas con tematica de Anime que, para ser sinceros me engancho bastante... xd
Este juego bastante peculiar, me recordo a como solia jugar al Yu-Gi-Oh! de Gameboy xd... Aunque apenas estoy empezando, se que el juego tiene bastante potencial para que se juegue de manera activa... Lastima que lo encontre algunos años tarde ._.
En fin, lo que queria mencionar: Era recomendar este juego, le empezare a dedicar más tiem
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[v0.59.0/Solo/Fiora] Solo Two-handed Fiora Meta 2022 Q2 [Plan ID 553536]
This melee build is an introduction and description of the Two-handed Sword Fiora build, which has the strongest winrate among all Two-handed Sword Fiora builds for solo queue in the livestat of dak.gg website as of the end of March 2022. Simply put, it is a build that can do a lot of damage in a short time, and you can stably melee the enemy by activating the strong defense that is maintained for a short time plus stun.

[b]Build Performance Analysis using [url=https://www.an