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$10 PS Gift Card Giveaway! (3 WINNERS) til MAR 26th
Hello people! I here to bless you all some PS gift cards to our fellow members Heart

There will be 3 winners chosen for this giveaway and this event will take about 1 week. The result will be noticed here on Mar 26th, Thursday.

Top 3 people who posted any threads on this website will be selected, in terms of the number of the posts primarily, and optionally reputation which you don't need to necessarily satisfy. 

If you live in the countries where I can't get PS gift card of your reg
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$10 PS/Steam Gift Card Giveaway! (3 WINNERS)
3 of $10 PS/Steam Gift Card Giveaways!

Follow our social media and comment on this thread that you have followed us. (We will verify that you are following)
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Top Players of Kandagawa Jet Girls - AEG Pro League Summer 2021
[PS4] Leaderboard of AEG Pro League Summer 2021 for Kandagawa Jet Girls (Season 3)

If you register, you can vote 3 of the most skilled players you think above. You can also un-vote then re-vote anytime.

How to Join:
Apply to AEG Pro League Summer 2021 in this page.

March 2021 ~ April 16th 2021

Season Reward:
- (Top 3 Players) "Champion of Kandagawa Jet Girls" Badge
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3 Best PvP Games for Free as of 2021
Do you want to experience a new type of PvP games for free? We introduce 3 best PvP games to play for free as of 2021! Best MMOs, MMORPGs and Multiplayer Online Battle Arena games that focus highly or only on their PvP systems. You should try right them if you are a fan of PvP games. We introduce some popular free PvP games for free that are popular in 2021!


I don't know if you have got any information about this online game but a lot of
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3 Best Fast Paced PvP Games as of 2021
Introducing 3 fast paced PvP games that are faster than normal battle royale or other normal games!


Fate/EXTELLA Link is the fastest paced pvp game I've ever played. In this game, the character is always flying. So even moving is very fast paced. There is a combo system, so you can attack continuously until your opponent dies. However, I have seen people who quit because they were rather tired of it because it was too fast paced
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3 Best PvP games as of 2021 (Unique Choices)
Table of Contents
  1. 3 Best PvP Games as of 2021 (Unique Choices)
  2. Best PvP games Recommended by Other Communities
3 Best PvP Games as of 2021
(Unique Choices)

What’s the difference between a good game and a great game? It goes beyond just the quality of gameplay, but also how you can use your skills to get ahea