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You can ask anything about the game here!
Feel free to ask.
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Some tips about Corona virus (covid-19) lol

Well I was in South Korea just few weeks ago, where is ranked at top 4 in the world in terms of the number of people infected, so let me just share what is the most recommended to prevent it there.

1. Use KF94 mask or 3 layer mask that has waterproof that prevent spits or N95 mask (You can get them on ebay.com). KF94/N95 will work better than 3 layer. In any case, normal cheap cotton mask won't work because they can't prevent spits. Discard each mask if you used for 3 days
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Increase contents about anime
According to recent report about top google keywords used to search this website, "yandere manga 2020" takes 1st position in its keyword ranks.

Top#1 - yandere manga 2020
Top#2 - anime esports
Top#3 - senran kagura 7even
Top#4 - tokyo ghoul re call to exist arima spawn
Top#5 - yandere manga list

More people come this website for anime/manga contents. We might not make all the forums for all the animes, but we can at least make anime/manga forum for anime games we support. Then we can go more p
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Question about block attack strength
Kokaku attribute called "block attack strength", does anyone know what it does exactly?
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Everything about CRc Gas effect
CRc Gas know effects towards Ghouls:

1. Slowly depletes stamina overtime (How long the effect last deterims how long the player was in the blast radius, info currently unknown)

2. Can suppress a Ghouls Awaken State (Not a rampage state)

3. Stops Ghouls self-healing ability until the CRc Gas effect is over

4. Stops Ghoul's awakening fill rate (Until the effect is done)
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Going indepth about certain skills in TDM/FFA
Currently updating this post with more info
  • Tactical Roll (Level 3)
- This skill allows your weapon to automatically reload within a roll, however if a certain character is using a level 3 version they can provide damage to the opponent. If the opponent HP is low enough you might get a kill with the skill!

- Characters that have Tactical Roll (Level 3) 
  • Klei
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Blue Protocol PvP
There is no real PvP in Blue Protocol.
Do not get confused by how the term PvP is used in Blue Protocol. It's a party vs party that competes each other on which party can survive longer in the waves of incoming monsters. Simply, there is no real PvP.
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Is this eSports website growing? Do we have to quit the dream about anime eSports?

As of April 2021, not yet, it is yet quick to quit such great dream. The website is first created around 2019 and yes, it is slowly growing as its graph shows. This is the graph about monthly user amount who visits the website from 2019 January to 2021 April.

But recently we are experiencing huge decrease in total users due to our main advertising mean, the all PS community has been removed by Sony's new update. They terminated Senran Kagura series and now even community.

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Recent News about Kenichiro Takaki (Senran Kagura, Kandagawa Jet Girls Producer)
Cygames and Kenichi Takaki (Producer of Senran Kagura, Kandagawa Jet Girls) announced that they are working on creating a new game and is yet called "Project GAMM".
What they say about its core is as follows:

  • Game is a multiplayer focused
  • It is a fantasy game
  • There is PvP
  • It's not yet revealed that it is an anime game
  • It's not yet known to be mmo, or just online, or package type of buy-to-play game.

Well, as I stated in [url=https://www.animeesports.c
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Kandagawa Jet Girls feels empty because of this

Seriously no build contents on main page of this website makes Kandagawa Jet Girls look somewhat empty comparing to other games to any random visitors of the website...
Help the game Ooh