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Sword Art Online:Fatal Bullet Bounty,Exp,Accessory Farming
(This method requiers the fourth DLC)To get all the bounty a equipment possible your going to need to get all your character slots to max lvl and 180 million bounty now that seems like that would take ages but if you did it with one character it makes it way easier for your others what you want to do is transfer good weapons and accessories with exp on them and transfer them to the slot you want to max out this means two weapon for you and 2 for your arfa and same for the accessories because you
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Certain Hero Characters have accessory chips!!
Certain rolls in Hero have secret chips on. However it is not shown.

Tanks: Avoid Insta-Death when HP is 50% (above yellow HP | Won't work against Ults) or higher.

This will at least allow you to take 1 headshot from a sniper, or a vorpril strike

Characters with this role:

Bazalt Joe
Eiji (DLC Character) Still has it even in FFA!
Dyne (DLC Character)

[i]I tested Silica with fredonm on FFA and she doesn't seem to have it regardless of getting the Tank role i