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I was bored and made this
Funguy161#0161, or more formally known as “the almighty cat of justice” (no capitalization), had just lost his 100% Orange Juice game while drinking from his two liter bottle of 100% Orange Juice.
Having been saddened by this ordeal, the almighty cat of justice (no capitalization) opened his Discord application. The cat attempts to talk to others but realizes the futility of his actions.

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Mega Server Change Suggestions [READ AND ADD]
Mega Server Change Suggestions
So I think we all know that the Discord server isn't really the most... visually appealing. With the changes suggested here, I'm sure that more people will be inclined to stay rather than leave.

1) Make a bot channel, or many.
We're kicking a dead horse on this one. General chat is overloaded with the bots (as we can clearly see). Lately, I've been somewhat spamming "t!tg train" to level up a pet. I do it
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Expand subforums and make guide on esports
Expand subforums and make guide on esports so that pvp guide can be written.
do not forget main goal of this website is to help expanding anime game streamers, builds, guide so on.
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PvP Video and Guide
Hi I am currently within top #1~10 range of Tokyo Ghoul CTE PvP leaderboard, and here is a video (1vs2 and 1vs3 included) how I play:
[Video: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/518235487]

In the video,
For Investigator I use my own build but in the video you see I don't use dagger as secondary but in reality you may want to use dagger instead of greatsword for close-combat. For ranged fight, I use handgun + Thinning but there are so many alternative. Make sure stamina recharges while
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How to unlock Kishou Arima and Centepede Kaneki? - Updated
They spawn at random chances on all maps. So there is no such guaranteed places to farm them. You just have to farm in any mission except the very first mission (I haven't seen them in that map) called Aogiri Tree Hideout. Also avoid farming them in Disposal Facility because that map is very hard to farm alone, although there exists a chance to get Kisho Arima. 

If you need Kishou Arima, play as Ghoul on hard campaign.
If you need Centepede Kaneki, play as CCG on hard campaign.

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Please share your build, and rate others!
Hi, everyone who registered on the website are able to post build here. We hope you share your build with us.

Also make sure that you can actually rate the builds by clicking stars on the top of the build page (near thread rating).

Thank you very much!
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Code Vein PvP? No. Here is why and alternative.
I got many queries that "Will Code Vein have PvP?".

Let me tell you the answer, "No". If I ever hear that Code Vein team would implement PvP, we will notify here. 
However, I do not think so because its developers very much looked like having very high tendency going against PvP contents.

There is better PvP anime game though. If you like an anime game with PvP Contents, we strongly recommend playing Tokyo Ghoul:re Call to Exist.
This game, only graphic and singleplayer experience are worse th
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Senran Kagura 7EVEN got official subtitle "Girls' Happiness", and its latest news!
[Image: https://i.imgur.com/YHbyxTf.jpg]

The full title is "Senran Kagura 7EVEN Girls' Happiness", or it would be something similar to that.
Price is not decided yet.
On which platform will it be released is not decided yet. However, there exists high possibility that PS4, PC, Switch version will be released. However, PS4 version may be excluded.
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How to dodge Kishou Arima's lightening bolt, and special moves?
When you play ghoul or premade anime characters, just press only dash button, then your character will backflip. 
This backflip has 100% chance to evade all incoming attacks.

Unfortunately, all custom CCG characters can't use it, but premade anime characters like Haise can do it.

Also, there is a small chance to be immune to special move's stun effect, you just use skill at the same time your enemy performs special move.

Also, getting into awakening mode will provide you immunity against such
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Analysis of AEG Anime Gaming Clan in the view of its public exposure and marketing
Currently, there are 2 major ways how this community gets people:

1. Through PS Community
2. Through Google Search

So 1st way only targets PS4 gamers and is kinda obvious. So this article will talk about 2nd way.

Problem 1:
So I went deep on what kinds of people find this community through Google search and the results are there are people who find and visit here.
Most of them are PC users. And even among them, only few plays anime games.

Solution for Problem 1: