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Suggestions on Anime Forums
I guess long-term basis anime that has lots of fans should come to there.

Currently we have all the new animes but replace them with something like One piece would be something to consider so that more people have a knowledge to write something there.
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Anime Games 50% Sale for 2 days by XSEED

Just quick notice to you who are interested in anime games, XSEED went 50% sales in their online shop (this weekend only, so starting tomorrow).
Our recommendation is Fate EXTELLA Link and Senran Kagura: Peach Beach Splash though, but basically you have discounts on all anime games they sell!

For more details, read [url=https://twitter.com/XSEEDGames/status/1157
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Nier Automata 2B turn into anime character
By PSN ID "MR_Black_Knight_"
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Black Hair Anime Feamle



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Anime weapons
I was making weapon props and it got me thinking. What’s your favorite weapon that an anime character uses? Personally I get overly hype when I see a scythe! (Photo of my competed prop)
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Analysis of AEG Anime Gaming Clan in the view of its public exposure and marketing
Currently, there are 2 major ways how this community gets people:

1. Through PS Community
2. Through Google Search

So 1st way only targets PS4 gamers and is kinda obvious. So this article will talk about 2nd way.

Problem 1:
So I went deep on what kinds of people find this community through Google search and the results are there are people who find and visit here.
Most of them are PC users. And even among them, only few plays anime games.

Solution for Problem 1:
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What anime are good to watch in this season?
I only watch plunderer but I need else except naruto/soma/one piece stuffs in current season, anything good?
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my favourite anime list summer 2020
1. sao al War of Underworld
2. Re Zero 2nd Season
3. Black Clover
4. Muhyo and Roji's Bureau of Supernatural Investigation

Document is sitlll updating! check later
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Increase contents about anime
According to recent report about top google keywords used to search this website, "yandere manga 2020" takes 1st position in its keyword ranks.

Top#1 - yandere manga 2020
Top#2 - anime esports
Top#3 - senran kagura 7even
Top#4 - tokyo ghoul re call to exist arima spawn
Top#5 - yandere manga list

More people come this website for anime/manga contents. We might not make all the forums for all the animes, but we can at least make anime/manga forum for anime games we support. Then we can go more p
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AEG Anime Gaming All Stars 2020 Fall
AEG Anime Gaming Clan was formed back in 2018 and have been playing anime games competitively in last few years, and today we want to introduce some noticeable players, whom we have discovered so far whose gaming skills are exceptional, but not only that, also along with their strong passions on anime games! They are the winners of AEG Pro League of previous season!

We really hope that you subscribe their livestreams. Your supports on them will greatly improve anime gaming area.