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5 Good Anime Fighting Games for PC in 2022
Based on the Steam/Valve game catalog available on July 2022
According to my own experience, I can make a recommendation of these 5 fighting games. Which are quite fun if you learn to play them.
[size=small][font=Verdana]Of the following games 4 are paid games that are available in the catalog of Steam games (from 2 to 5 games) , while one of them is a free game (Th
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Soulworker en 2022?
Hola a todos xddddd
Desde el principio de esta semana me he adentrado nuevamente en el juego de Soulworker... Aunque en realidad ya ni recordaba que fuera tan divertido Happy...
[size=medium][font=Trebuchet MS]Entonces, quiero decir que yo era de los que conocía el juego antes de que los
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Anime eSports Games
"Exploring the best eSports games in the anime universe”


Anime and eSports have always shared a vibrant connection. Let's delve into the realm of the best eSports games with an anime twist. While anime games might still be new to the eSports landscape, they have already made a name for themselves with the likes of the Guilty Gear Series, Ultimate Ninja Series,, and the well-acclaimed and loved Dragon Ball FigherZ. But not everyone’s experience with them is t
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Anime PvP Arena Games
"Anime showdown: The best PvP arena games”


Anime has given us some thrilling PvP arena games, creating a unique blend of action and strategy. Games such and One Piece Burning Blood and SAO Hollow Realization have managed to carve out a dedicated fan base due to this exact reason. Phantasy Star 2 New Genesis has also entered the arena in recent years with its excellent PvP mode. But what other anime PvP arena games have caught your attention? Let's discuss th