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Apply to AEG Pro League [MID-WINTER 2021 Season]

From March 1st 2021, AEG Pro League changes the way how players join from its "free style" to "application through the website".

Apply to AEG Pro League Mid-winter 2021 Season by voting above!
4 Anime games with highest number of voters will be selected by February 27th, 2021 and will be announced here about what are chosen.
The sessions you vote above is for AEG Pro League Mid-winter Season that starts from March 1st and ends around the end of April.
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Apply to AEG Pro League [Summer 2021]

Welcome to AEG Pro League
Are you looking for easy eSports to win with cash prizes, significantly a lot easier compared to other leagues such as ESL Pro League, BlizzCon?
AEG Pro League is designed to be the easiest eSports league to win in the world for everyone!
Following is how AEG Pro League makes its eSports league the easiest in the world:
1) the number of players who receive rewards is wide,
2) we provide various types of rewards,
3) we play around less p
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Apply to AEG Pro League [Fall 2021 Season]

Apply to AEG Pro League Fall 2021 Season by voting above!

- (Top 3 Players) Champion Badges on your AEG Profile. This badges certificate in public that you are one of the legendary players of the game you applied to. Please check the poster above for their appearances.
- (Top 3 Players) Up to 40/28/16 Solo Ranking points. Higher of this ranking points will expose your profile, where you can advertise anything, to more people throughout the website.
- (Top 33% Pla
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3 Easiest Esports Sponsors to Make Profitable Livestream [current-year]
3 Easiest Esports Sponsors to Make Profitable Livestream 2024

Esports has long since evolved from isolated tournaments or city championships. It is now an international sport where teams from different countries compete for the title of the best player. This has led many to pursue esports as an official sport, but for many, it isn’t easy to start as it requires a significant investment and a long time to pay
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AEG Waifu Wars Championship 2024 (Waifu Game Tournament) - $600 Prize Pool
Apply to AEG Waifu Wars Championship (Season 1) by voting above!
* Games marked with [TBA] means that the game isn't released yet but we may open a tournament once they are released.

Entry Requirements
- Enrolled in Premium Membership Nothing required for Season 1.

- Top #1, $100 USD
- Top #2, $60 USD
- Top #3, $40 USD
[size=small]* A prize pool per each game is $200, so the total prize pool is $600 as we will run 3 to