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Question about block attack strength
Kokaku attribute called "block attack strength", does anyone know what it does exactly?
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How to block a player on duo or squad so that I don't play with a blocked guy?
Answer: You can't.

Otherwise people will just block out all of the lower-skilled players they met and get free winrate.
If someone harassed you or left/afk, you can always report them in the result screen.
Premade teams get matched with random teams, so having coordinated routes and voice communications is a huge advantage.
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[v0.54.0/Duo/Fiora] Two Block Fiora Build (4 Path)
This build is a skill damage focused Fiora build based on toughness, survivability and sustainability. The damage is a bit lower compared to the many other skill damage focused Fiora builds, but if you make good use of Touche activation and Fente's edge attack, you can still do good damages. Especially, the build provides "Two Block" effect that combines a totem and a two-handed sword, which are useful in many urgent situations. Lastly, because of the frequent slow effect caused