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The Duration of every version from Temp Attack & Defense Boost
Remember that if you get Knocked out the effect will cancel out!
  • Temp Attack & Defense Boost (After Super Attack) [Ghouls, Investigator, Quinxs]: 15 Second
Using the Super Attack will refresh the duration
  • Temp Attack & Defense Boost (Low Health) [Quinxs]: 30 Seconds
  • Temp Attack & Defense Boost (Healing/Reviving Allie) [Investigators, Quinxs]: 30 Seconds
Healing/Reviving Allie will refresh the durati
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Temp Attack and Defense Boost effects more than Melee Attack Damage
From what I've noticed it seems like Temp Attack and Defense Boost (any versions) effect more than Melee Attack Damage:

Here's what it also effects:

  1. Grenade
  2. Range Attack Damage

Range Attack Damage is also based off of if your using the +100 or +150 Range Attack Damage skill set