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Top Players of Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet - AEG Pro League Season 1
[PS4] AEG Pro League 2020 Season 1 Leaderboard for Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet

If you register, you can vote 3 of the most skilled players you think above. You can also un-vote then re-vote anytime.

How to Join
You can simply connect to battle room around that time. The host of the room is one of AEG moderators whom have AEG tag on their IDs!
If it gets too large, we will expand rooms with different moderators.

August 2020 ~ December 18th 2020

Season Reward:
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Sales Amount of Kandagawa Jet Girls and SAO:Fatal Bullet Seemingly Increased!
Hi, today we have very good news.

Luckily our main anime games that AEG Pro League deals with, Kandagawa Jet Girls and Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet, their sales amounts have seemingly increased.

Let'a analyze  Sleepy

Kandagawa Jet Girls

It was about 1000~1500 new players last time I saw, but now it has been increased to 2000 new players! Not too much, but still amazing!
We hope this game gets more new people we can play with.

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How to Find Multiplayer People Easily - Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet Multiplayer
Are you having a problem with playing Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet Multiplayer?

You have come to right place! 

AEG Anime Gaming Network has the most number of anime gamers in the world.
You will be able to make friends to play with easily for every purposes such as Co-op, PvE, and PvP.

Simply post here that you are looking for people to play with on your platform (PC, PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox, else), then people will comment their ID (Steam, PSN, else) in your post so that you can
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Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet Kureha Elite Guide

Do you want to master Kureha? This guide will make you master Kureha by just reading it! You will just need to practice a little as directed in the documentation. It will help you save a lot of times.

Kureha has a rocket launcher which will CC your enemy with Plasma Burst, which let you make some beautiful combo upon successful CC, and some skills in each weapons that will boost your stats a little in offense and defense.

She is overa
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Top Players of Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet - AEG Pro League Season 2
[PS4] AEG Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet Pro League Season 2 Leaderboard

If you register, you can vote 3 of the most skilled players you think above. You can also un-vote then re-vote anytime.

How to Join:
Apply to AEG Pro League in this page.

January 1st 2021 ~ April 23th 2021 (Since March 1st, you need to apply to pro league to participate in. Before March 1st,
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Sword Art Online Fatal bullet: Hero PvP Rank match
The days(s) I play: Monday
Weekly (Unless I have something to do on Tuesday that requires me to head to bed early)
Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet
Going to be hosting Hero PvP Rank match, but requires up to 8 players for game to start
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Build/Guide Contest of the Month [April 2021]
Build/Guide Contest of the Month [April 2021]
Welcome to the Build/Guide Contest of the Month!

Build/Guide Contest will be judged on:
  • Effectiveness
  • Creativity
  • Explanation
  • Details
  • Impression
  • Complexity
In order to submit, you can simply post your builds or guides in corresponding forums. For example, if you would like to post Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet Build, you can post yours on [url=https://www.animeesports.
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Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet Build Contest Submission
this is the first of the 3 builds that i will be submiting today this is an immortal tank build that has 2 variations the main build is the first variation which gives 21,083 health with 7636 defence in combination with the defence buffs this give you 95% dmg reduction against your extrmly large health pool also the human fortress skill stops you from flinching and knock back the hyper awarness skill allows you to instantly doge any single attack and when activated and you doge some thing you be
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Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet Build Contest Second Submission
this is the secound of the 3 builds i will be submitting to day the build i will be showing you is a quick shot solo dungeon build this build is made to make you realtivly tanky but sports extreme dps capable of soloing the lvl 350 nifta ex if gives you 19,023 health and 5008 defence the accesories make it so your cool downs are quicker and that cant be one shooted power form increses attack armor form increses defence human fortress stops fliching and knock back conceal makes enemys have troubl
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Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet Build Contest third Submission
this is the third and most likely last build i will submitting for this contest this is a tanky healer build that i primaraly have my arfasys use it sports 315 int, int reduces skill recharge time speeds and the amount of healing your healing skills give it also sports -44% recharge time with these two things combined you can spam skills extreamly fast not to mention the pistol weapon art that lowers that recharge time even more this build calls for the lvl 4 and 3 versions of healing bullet a b