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Hardcore co-op on the ps4
I need help with  hardcore co-op  I need help getting high quality emeralds vso I con get to 50 million credits   I am at  43 million credits
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How to stop getting staggered/knockback during Campaign/Online Co-op
Certain enemys (like Concealed Genbu, Hidden Seeker, and many others) will ether cause your character to become staggered (unable to move with the suppression debuff), or shoot rockets making it difficult to get back into the fight.

Using this skill: Human Fortress will ignore the staggered/knockback for a set of time.
Leveling this skill up will slightly reduce damage taken as well

In PvP Human Fortress also prevents the stum from Flash Bang
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How to quickly get Weapon ult (co-op/TDM)
When a player applies a buff to themselves/teammate or a debuff to an opponent a medal will appear on the top left screen, if two players are quickly pressing Triangle to encourage this will fill up the medal bar quickly also including your weapon ult!

In co-op however you will lose the weapon ult if you get down.

Also I think that within PvP weapon ult duration are reduced much shorter than in story mode/co-op
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Sword Art Online:Fatal Bullet (Avatar PVE/PVP/Co-op)
this is a optimized setup that  can handle all dungeons as well team based PVP macthes with no real weaknesses or counters being by all bases are covered its made for each player to have their weaknesses covered and or protected while letting all of their strengths shine through this set up works both offline with your AI partners and online with other players 

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As of August 2021, I am looking for Kurtzpel PvE co-op friends
I realized that this game so hard to play dungeons without friends. If you struggle in such condition please do reply to this with your kurtzpel character ID so that I can add you to friend list. Thanks.
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As of Dec 2021, I am looking for Kurtzpel PvE co-op friends
While I am enjoying PvP part of Kurtzpel, however, I also want to play PvE part of the game such as Raid, dungeons as MMO fan.
If you can play Kurtzpel PvE Co-op with me, please reply to this with your Kurtzpel in-game ID (mine is "xAEGxJotaku")

p.s. I am on NA server!