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Anime Gaming & Community Survey!
Hi guys, hope you can answer this!
This is very important to make decision about the direction of the community.

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Will PS5 have PS Community feature?
I likely hear from somewhere that PS community feature might disappear, then Sony probably integrate Discord into PS5 system.

PS community was essential for anime gaming in order to gather friends to play with so. 

If any of you hear about this, please let us know. 
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2021 can be dark ages of this community, but...
The answer is kinds of right.

The reason why it is being said is that simply there is no announced anime games with massive PvP features until the end of Blue Protocol MMORPG on PC, which would be possibly released in NA region 2 years later. But until then, no. Nothing.

Of course, there is always 1vs1 fighting anime games with their tournaments, but in terms of massively online multiplayer anime games which this community focuses on, there is none.

Since most anime games doesn't receiv
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Will there be something PS community equivalent once removed?
I heard PS communities will be removed. This is very bad news for many of those who put their efforts into, including myself.
I think this decision will just make Sony more unreliable in terms of their services. But anyways, if that is true, is there any alternative ways that people can gather around on PlayStation system, but NOT by any actual invitation to chat room? (like the way people could find PS communities without talking with others, but by themselves).

This is not a question about