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There is no level in Tokyo Ghoul: CTE. They just show how long you played.
Some asked me if level (1~200) affects the performance of characters, the answer is no.
So this is not level, but may represent just how long you have played the game.
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When Tokyo Ghoul CTE fans waiting for update
Nothing much has been said from the company, heard someone saying a possibility of getting a Ken Kaneki -Blood Stained- as a DLC.
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Cancellation of Weekly PvP Match on Sunday, August 30 for TG:CTE
Due to the host's own work, weekly PvP match for Tokyo Ghoul:re Call to Exist on Sunday, August 30 has been cancelled. But we continue in following week as usual.

Thank you very much for the participation!
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Looking for tokyo ghoul re call to exist multiplayer friends
Hi, due to lack of multiplayer players, I would like make some friends whom I can invite to my game room whenever I play.
It can be both of coop and PvP.

If you are also up for this, please comment below with your PSN ID so that I can add you into special custom list to contact!
Or you can add "AEG_Jotaku" on psn but when you add please say that it is about playing tokyo ghoul re call to exist multiplayer together. Otherwise I have no idea what game you want to play with me.

Thank you very muc