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[Investigator, Narukami & Demon] CCG Reaper

An offensive build that mainly utilizes Narukami's loaded lightning bolts at maximum in PvP, with strong capability of special move that oneshot enemies. This build is more likely sniper build.

1. Temp.Special, Special Move + 150%, Awakening + 120% can be replaced with Stamina Efficiency + 20% and 2 of Ranged Attack Damage + 100% for increasing 1vs1 dueling capability. The build in the picture is best optimized to team fight rather th
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[Investigator, Ifrat ß & Demon Yamada 1 <Common>] CCG Field-Medic (PvP Build)
Difficulty rating: Easy
(based on the amount of time and effort that is required to properly learn to play)

An updated version of the Field-Medic, allowing you to keep your self and teammates alive

Swap one of Hollow lll sk
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The Misfit of Demon King Academy 2
The anime where Anos is the protagonist, has had a confirmed sequel for some time... But according to the information they revealed about the new adaptation, the voice actor of Anos is going to be replaced by that of Yuuichiro Umehara (For those who do not know him, he is the voice of the Goblin Slayer xd).
[size=medium][font=serif]The reason for this change (as I understand it)
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The "Double Moon Demon" Build
[size=small][b]This build is made to tank and heal from as much damage as possible without flinching, allowing the user to have to not stop attacking, you'll soon see that this build if played properly can be unstoppable. That said before we get into the build it self we are going to start with how to play it. Your going to be trying to keep Susano'o Armor[color=#888888] up at all
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Unraveling the Continuity: Where did Demon Slayer Anime End in Manga?
"Between Panels and Frames: Tracing the End of the Demon Slayer Anime Journey in Manga's Grim Narrative"


Listen up, fellow "Demon Slayer" obsessives. Ever wonder where the anime's tear-soaked journey halts within the intricate tapestry of the manga? Pinpointing that gloomy divergence can truly enlighten your journey forward, particularly if you're planning to lose yourself in the manga's melancholic embrace from where the anime departed. So, spill it out: Wh
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Illuminating the Shadows: What is Sun Breathing in Demon Slayer?
Within the intricate narrative of 'Demon Slayer', Sun Breathing emerges as a central element. It is the progenitor and most potent variant of the breathing styles, the foundation from which all other styles have evolved. Sun Breathing was pioneered by Yoriichi Tsugikuni, the most formidable demon slayer in recorded history. This technique emulates the sun's movements and warmth, equipping the user with the ability to unleash powerful attacks against demons, who are inherently susceptible to sunl