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Tokyo Ghoul Re Call to Exist Review (In-depth)
Helllo anime gamers!

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Finally Tokyo Ghoul: Re Call to Exist has been released!
I have spent 7 days and the game is actually better than my thought and kinda fun.


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Kandagawa Jet Girls Simple But In-depth Review
If you are thinking of buying this game, I want to say that game graphic is very nice, music is so cool, gameplay-wise quite fun, customization system is very decent, lots of mini games, Senran Kagura characters as well. 

Only thing that this game lacks I think:
1. No team play like 2vs2 so that there is no one can care of you. You simply lose in multiplayer all the time if your skill is not yet good or gears are not good which will eventually make you may quit the multiplayer a lot earlier due
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In-Depth Exploration: Analyzing and discussing open world anime games
"Breaking Boundaries: A comparative analysis of open world anime games"


From an analytical perspective, open-world anime games represent a complex interplay of narrative, world-building, and player autonomy. Renowned titles such as "The Legend of Heroes: Trails" series and "Tales of Arise" each approach the open-world design in unique ways, with varying degrees of freedom, exploration, and storytelling intricacies.

How do these games balance player freedo