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To do list
1. Introduce external communities such as PSN, Steam, etc in the top pannel

2. Make a forum where people can post the photo of their anime game characters

3. Consider changing to NodeBB

4. Fix Donate button

5. A link to announcement forum
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Hello Everybody! [I didn't know I had to do this]
Age: 20
Location: USA Eastern
Gender: Male

Hello everyone, name is Scoobert (Scoob for short)
Thank you for inviting me to the community, I hope to be useful here 

Currently: making animations off of FlipaClip and upload them to my channel. Hoping to be an otaku

Social Media accounts:

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZKMMN7...57ncw2N6w/
Twitter: [url=https://twitter.com/Scoobert_2000]https:/
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(PS4) Do you want RANKED SAO:FB Hero PvP? Vote Here!
Hello, if you guys can play ranked hero PvP on Friday or Saturday 10PM ET every week, please vote above! You can choose both if you want.
It will start upon the agreement of 8 people.

If you can currently but maybe you can't in the future for some reason, please come here again, unvote, and revote to "No".
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Do you use Social Media for gaming?
In my experience, social media such as Twitter and Facebook are good platforms for companies to advertise and sell their products, but I think it is a difficult platform to find friends who can play games. In fact, the Nintendo Switch also has a Twitter add-on, but even if I make friends with someone, I've never encountered anyone asking me to play a game with on Twitter.

In my experience, the best methods were PS Community, PS Chat, Steam Chat, and in-game chat. Discord wasn't exactly a plat
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Do you have any childhood memories of gaming?
I was in Northeast Asia in the late 90's. At the time, you could go to the arcade center to play games, or go to the game store to play games at home by buying the games and consoles you wanted. I did both, usually go arcade center when I needed competitive gaming, otherwise playing games at home. But what was most remarkable and exciting was that if there was a blockage while playing the game, I went to the bookstore and looked at the game magazine's solution to solve the problem. If I couldn't
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Do you think Discord is the best gaming tool?
I personally don't think Discord is the perfect tool for gaming (of course I don't think the forum software used on this website is also suitable as a gaming tool). The reason is that Discord's add-ons such as bots and roles are so powerful that you can't focus on gaming. Personally, playing with bots, chatting, and VC were more fun than gaming, so I spent more time there than gaming.

That's not all. See the disboard.org website. In fact, there are many servers that have
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Do you pre-order video games?
Have you pre-ordered any video games before? 
I have been using Amazon since 2015 and have done preorder some, but not before I started using Amazon. 
Personally, among the games listed on the Best Anime Games page, I pre-ordered several video games of them, such as Senran Kagura, Fate, Sword Art Onlne games and so on. 

But, I don't pre-order all the times for all videogames I get. I pre-or
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Is this eSports website growing? Do we have to quit the dream about anime eSports?

As of April 2021, not yet, it is yet quick to quit such great dream. The website is first created around 2019 and yes, it is slowly growing as its graph shows. This is the graph about monthly user amount who visits the website from 2019 January to 2021 April.

But recently we are experiencing huge decrease in total users due to our main advertising mean, the all PS community has been removed by Sony's new update. They terminated Senran Kagura series and now even community.

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Kandagawa Jet Girls feels empty because of this

Seriously no build contents on main page of this website makes Kandagawa Jet Girls look somewhat empty comparing to other games to any random visitors of the website...
Help the game Ooh
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What Do You Guys Think About Speedruns
i brought up an idea few days ago, but now that think more about it, I'm beginning to really think this could work my idea is to impliment a dungeon speed run leaderboard being by some of the rpg games have dungeons with timers i was thinking that those games can have leader boards for those for each of their dungeons and we have separate leader boards for solo and group runs like in saofb there is a built in  timer and at the end when it gives the report they tell you how long the completion ti