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How to dodge dropping nade, very useful technique in PvP
If you play CCG, you can dodge as soon as throwing gadgets so that it drops exact location you were before dodging. This is very effective in any kinds of close fight. Plus the ending result is that you have chance to make an attack and enemy get staggered by your dropped nade after your dodge.
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How to dodge Kishou Arima's lightening bolt, and special moves?
When you play ghoul or premade anime characters, just press only dash button, then your character will backflip. 
This backflip has 100% chance to evade all incoming attacks.

Unfortunately, all custom CCG characters can't use it, but premade anime characters like Haise can do it.

Also, there is a small chance to be immune to special move's stun effect, you just use skill at the same time your enemy performs special move.

Also, getting into awakening mode will provide you immunity against such
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How to dodge CCG's dropped grenade in PvP for ghouls players
Just press dash before explosion, no need to backflip.
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How to increase chance to dodge Dual Orbital
Hi, in order to increase a chance to dodge incoming dual orbital in PvP, you can simply jump then use UFG. This trick let you stay a bit in the air so anyone using dual orbit on the ground will pass under your body. However if they also jump then use dual orbital, you will get hit.