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Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

A new game Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot was announced very recently at E3. It has an Early 2020 scheduled release date for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

It appears that this game is open world which is rare for a Dragon Ball game and looks pretty good. Hopefully this gets some sort of multiplayer with it too.

Here is the trailer:

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[Point Match Guide] How many Points earn from Dragon Orphan/Player Kill
This guide is still a W.I.P. still need some more info

Dragon Orphan's have heavy damage that can take 35% of your health. (25% upon bind attack) Be mindful when your not fight one!
Dragon Orphan's have a rare chance to drop a Blue Orb (Stamina Suppressant)!
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Why Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Is the Next Big Esports Craze
Figure 1: DB Xenoverse 2

What are Esports Games
Any game that rewards its players with cash prizes upon winning is an esports game. The ultimate desire to secure the highest prize pool drives players to clash with all the professional players of the game in an organized battle arena. People gather in large numbers to watch esports tournaments and entertain themselves with competitive gameplay.

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Your Esports Dream of Dragon Ball FighterZ in 2022: How Is It Going
Your Esports Dream of Dragon Ball FighterZ in 2022: How Is It Going


[size=large]Dragon Ball is an anime that almost every kid and adult has watched. There have been legendary games that Bandai Namco has come forward with over the course of many years such as the Budokai series. They may not have been esports titles but they set the scale for upcoming fighting anime games very h
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Dragon Ball Z Power Scaling: Insights and Discussions

Hiya, DBZ besties! So, I've been, like, totally head over heels thinking about this super-cool thing called "Dragon Ball Z Power Scaling"! Isn't it super intriguing how our fav characters just keep getting stronger and stronger? Do you cuties think it's all consistent, or more like a rollercoaster ride? And oh my gosh, how does it all add up to the story, our beloved characters, and the yummy fun we have watching the show? Teehee, I can't wait to hear your kawaii thoughts on
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Unraveling the Links: Are the Dragon Quest Games Connected?
All right, Dragon Quest fans, let's dive into something intriguing: "Are the Dragon Quest games connected?" Each of these gaming gems has multiple different attributes making them standalone adventures.

Look a little closer, and you'll find threads of connection subtly woven throughout. Maybe it's that familiar monster lurking around the corner, or the signature art style that screams Dragon Quest, or recurring themes that resonate across titles. These little nuggets of continuity breathe lif