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Everything about CRc Gas effect
CRc Gas know effects towards Ghouls:

1. Slowly depletes stamina overtime (How long the effect last deterims how long the player was in the blast radius, info currently unknown)

2. Can suppress a Ghouls Awaken State (Not a rampage state)

3. Stops Ghouls self-healing ability until the CRc Gas effect is over

4. Stops Ghoul's awakening fill rate (Until the effect is done)
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Does Enhance Gadget effect land mine damage radius?
Was playing with fredonm in a private lobby and somehow I got stun even though i wasn't near the mine. I was close but not in the blast radius
The theory is that Enhance Gadget may increase radius but not 100% sure.

If I remember correctly Stun mine with this skill in effect will provide some damage

Based off of this webpage: