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Welcome to Anime Esports Gaming!
The website is under construction.
However, you can register and access to discord.

When you register, press DISCORD button in the registration page. 

DISCORD button looks like:
[Image: https://i.imgur.com/8BaSys4.png]

Alternately, if you missed that, please go to "User CP" -> "Edit Profile" -> Select DISCORD button.

Hope you can have great time!
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Expand subforums and make guide on esports
Expand subforums and make guide on esports so that pvp guide can be written.
do not forget main goal of this website is to help expanding anime game streamers, builds, guide so on.
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eSports Anime? Answer is here!
Hey, if you like competitive gaming and anime, and if you are actual gamer, we are probably best community for you.
We are eSports clan playing anime games competitively, but we are not creating anime releated to eSports. We face actual esports related to anime directly!

Sorry, if you come to this website for searching anime themed eSports, there is none.

However, there are anime related to gaming, such as "No game no life", "Gamers" and more.
If you look for hardcore anime related to g
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Top eSports Teams 2021
As of June 2021, top eSports teams are
GoldenDragon [US],
WolfPack [EU],
... More in the ranking table above!

Are you looking for Top Esports Teams?
If you are looking for the public best esports team that anyone can join, rather than an esports team that only a few people can join like NRG or FaZe, you have come to the right place!

The above teams are the top Esports teams selected through the gaming competition of Anime Esports called AEG Pro League, and also some other leagues that t
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My Favorite Anime Game Streamers
(image credit : TLG)

Not only his gaming skills being exceptional, TLG is also very funny guy.

I don't get annoying nor boring while watching his contents because he repects his audiences, does not use use bad words (except very few cases but its purpose is to make audiences feel fun), and sometimes he makes some strange voices that are generally fun.

He also goes very details about any knowledge he knows. 

Unlike many anime game st
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Can you suggest any anime games to open eSports Pro League for?
Well sadly, due to lack of population, Pro League for Kandagawa Jet Girls had to close recently. 

Currently AEG only play Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet for its pro league. I am thinking of opening new eSports pro league for other anime games.

I searched some and I found following anime games have PvP system: Phantasy star Online 2 on PC, Gundam Extreme, or Dragon's Crown. Among these, Pso2 and Gundam looked like having good number of multiplayer population. But Gundam is less weeb-likely
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Don't Forget Our Anime Esports Dream!
Don't forget our anime eSports dream!

Many people may ask us that, why anime games being eSports is the dream for anime fans. Thus, in this article we are going to talk about this.
Particularly this is not always correct answer especially for those who are regular fans of certain anime at moderate level, but is correct answer for those who are hard fans of certain anime, or for those who play not only PvE & Coop anime games, and also for those who plays non-anime co
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How to start a career in eSports
Are you interested in making your career in eSports? 

Well, we know how hard it is to find out the ways or chances because it is generally hard to get even invited to eSports teams although your gaming skill is very good. Neither you have enough subscribers on your Youtube / Twitch livestream in order to start your career in eSports as an individual. Neither you can simply email to ESL, INTEL, or else and say them you want to start your career in eSports. Moreover, t
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Reasons why you want to make your anime games eSports
In this article, we will go through each points reasoning on why you want to make your anime games eSports.

Making an eSports out of your anime game makes your beloved anime games keep going for huge amount of time.

Lots of anime gamers who play anime games that are not based on the most popular anime (e.g. Naruto, Boruto) mostly experience the dead of their anime games. If you just focus on making your anime game being eSports, there will be no tragedy. There is no reason for anime
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Easy eSports to Win
As of April 2021, AEG Pro League is the easiest eSports tournament to win in the world.

What is the advantage of participating in easy eSports?
Usually following reasons: making it easier to receive rewards, Easier to populate your livestream, and the likelihood of being sponsored. It is simply more profitable to win an easier league than to drop out of the big leagues and eventually have nothing left.

Normally AEG Pro