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How to be a pro gamer
There are already a ton of video games out there in the world, some of which may be competitive video games that you like.
You really liked the video game, and of course you've played it incredibly hard at a pro gamer level.

Still, if you couldn't be a pro gamer, then why? it can be following reasons:
1. Your livestream didn't thrive because you focused on playing games only.
2. Despite thriving your livestream, basically the game's population is so small that there are no tournaments, o
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Looks like Kokau Slash can even protect ultimate
i tested only a bit against few players, but it looks like kokaku slash with 100% protection up can actually block even special move. can anyone confirm this?
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Now I am reckoning why people would even visit a website like this
People visit gmail to check email.
People visit gematsu to get latest info about anime games.
then what about this website

Probably finding these answers and develop new contents around them is what we need to focus on

Things I have observed why people visit website like this and join the event
1. to clarify/know who are top players of blah blah anime games
2. to play multiplayer since it's hard to play multiplayer for anime games
3. to find guides/builds but I think this is one of the least r